Monstrous Rap Track & The Princess of Dubstep

NMU News
  • Eliza Doolittle‘s (NMU 1/2/10) popularity has grown greatly since her last single ‘Pack Up’ went straight to number 5 in the chart. Her self titled album also rose to an impressive number 3 after its July release with a Gold certification. ‘Rollerblades‘ hopes to continue the success as her third single out 18th October.
  • Disc-Overy, Tinie Tempah‘s (NMU 1/2/10) debut album, is out next week 4th October and features collaborations with Kelly Rowland, Swedish House Mafia and Ellie Goulding. Third single ‘Written In The Stars‘ is out this week whilst currently sitting at the top of the iTunes chart almost confirming a number one on Sunday.
  • Continuing to churn out the singles is Marina & The Diamonds (NMU 16/5/09) with fifth single ‘Shampain‘, a stand out from the album ‘The Family Jewels’. Out 11th October, the video is influenced by Michael Jackson‘s ‘Thriller’ with a group of female zombies. She hopes for a better position than last single ‘Oh No!’s number 38.
  • Deadmau5 (NMU 16/5/09) got his biggest promo gig yet at the beginning of the month as the house DJ of the MTV Video Music Awards where Travie Mccoy, Jason Derulo and Robyn performed remixed versions of their songs. ‘Animal Rights‘ is the name of his latest single in collaboration with Wolfgang Gartner out now.
  • The latest pop act to get their own reality TV series are The Saturdays (NMU 6/8/09) with ‘The Saturdays 24/7‘. You can watch the entertaining series that gives an insight to their busy showbiz lives Thursdays 9pm on itv2.

Song Upfront

Kanye West feat. Jay Z, Rick Ross, Bon Inver & Nicki Minaj – Monster
Rap, Hip/Hop
Mr egotistical and the self confessed royal highness of rap is back on the music scene and as ever he wants the world to know. Although he has a personality with the unashamed audacity to rub people up the wrong way (most notably Taylor Swift), it’s Kanye West‘s music that speaks much more volume than the attention he frantically strives for in the tabloids. There is no doubt his perfectionist studio skills pay off whenever the finished articles are let loose on to the public. Currently his competition for rap king crown is hindered slightly by Eminem‘s triumphant return, but this is no challenge for the fearless Yeezy who has always been deserving of punching above his weight. Promo for the upcoming release of album number five, Dark Twisted Fantasy, couldn’t be bigger. Closing the MTV Video Music Awards with an exclusive performance of ‘Runaway’ is striking for the audience enough clad in full red suit and big gold chain, but Kanye hysteria revolves online around what he calls ‘GOOD Fridays‘ on his official website. Every Friday since 20th August, Kanye has added a free download of a new track which can be accessed by simply entering your email address. This new music business model of free music may be inventive but surely this will majorly hinder his sales come ‘Dark Twisted Fantasy”s 15th November release. On 27th August the second track to be uploaded was ‘Monster’, which is one of five tracks taken from an EP called ‘Watch The Throne’, a project undertaken with his good friend Jay-Z. Featuring a collaborative line up only someone in his position can, including the odd vocals of inde-folk singer Bon Iver for the intro, this is a song that strongly pushes Kanye far in front of his contemporaries. Nicki Minaj, a US female rapper currently riding high at the top of the Hip Hop property rankings, also throws down some distinctive verses on the track as she brags about how popular she is despite having ‘no album out’ yet. It is arguably her best performance on a track to date and definitely the most powerful. ‘Monster’ has been produced with one of the heaviest and rhythmic beats you’ve ever heard, whilst aggressive lyrics distinctively annunciated by the rappers in turn will whip any Hip Hop fan into a frenzy. This track acts as a message to the haters and other artists that Jigga claims are ‘fake fucks with no fangs’ who are copying his work by trying to ‘draw blood with [his] ice cold veins’. Also notable on the song are unique samples such as a repetitive voice in the background giving further impact to the beat and a lion’s roar which culminates each verse with added strength. It is fair to say that ‘Monster’ is one of the biggest Hip Hop tracks of the year. ‘Monster’ is free to download from Kanye West’s official website now and is taken from EP ‘Watch The Throne’, due for release 23rd November.
Watch Kanye West close the MTV VMAs with a show stealing performance of new track ‘Runaway’ featuring Pusha T here.

Artist Upfront

Katy B
Every new urban scene needs credible artists to launch its music respectfully over to the mainstream. For garage we had The Artful Dodger‘s formidable, fresh samples that turned us into the 21st century, for grime we had Dizzee Rascal‘s ruthlessly sharp tongue lashing out of our speakers, and for modern day dubstep we have the mighty beats of super group Magnetic Man aided by the essential contributions of Katy B. In the past couple of months dubstep has officially hit the unforeseen public of the mainstream. Magnetic Man, compromising of top producers Benga, Skream and Artwork, were eager to follow up Skream‘s 2009 breakthrough remix of La Roux‘s ‘In For The Kill’ and have crafted a number 10 debut hit in ‘I Need Air’ (July 2010). Now stepping up to the plate and bettering the position with her own debut single is 21 year old South Londoner Katy B with her number 5 smash ‘Katy On A Mission‘. With Benga, one third of Magnetic Man, producing the track infused with a dark whomping bassline, an addictive chorus and complimented by an undergound club scene video, it’s understandable why the single was able to top both the indie and dance charts. To date the video for the track has managed to clock up nearly four millions views. The B-side of the single ‘Louder‘ proves her other tracks are just as delectable by making a mark in the dance chart at number 21. Perhaps the coolest Brit School graduate to date, Katy Brien has shot from underground to stardom status far quicker than the usual artist having already played at impressive venues such as Fabric, Matter and Ibiza Rocks, whilst just last weekend she performed at BBC Radio 1Xtra Live. Before being snapped up by former pirate radio brand turn record label Rinse, the start of her career consisted of her lending sweet soulful vocals to funky mixes by Geeneus and DJ NG whilst touring the live club circuit around the country. Katie B‘s next single ‘Lights On’ will feature the returning Ms. Dynamite who is making a big impact on the underground urban scene with her new sound, so it’s sure to be a song to look forward to. Due for release 3rd October, watch the unofficial video for Magnetic Man‘s second single ‘Perfect Stranger’ featuring Katie B below.

Check out Katy B featuring on an earlier track called ‘Fade Away‘ that shows the versatility of her vocals shining through over drum and bass beats.

Here’s what you need to…

HearPlan B‘s album ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks‘ because it is one of the best albums of the year.

Watch…Indie band OK Go‘s latest music video for ‘White Knuckles‘ featuring a troop of performing dogs. It has followed the band’s trend by going viral with over 4 million views.

Read…’We Are Pop Slags‘, a music blog nominated for the BT Digital Music Award ‘Best Blog’.

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