Band Displays Promising Indie Credentials

Wednesday 26th January 2011- ‘Bugbear Booking Presents’ at Dublin Castle, London

Twin Brother

The hot music tip lists for 2011 are now starting to cool down as focus turns to the year’s opening performances of live undiscovered talent. Camden, with its prominent buzz of creativity in North London, is recognised for showcasing a hub of musical talent across a plethora of crowd grabbing venues. One popular venue a couple of minutes from the centre of Camden town is The Dublin CastleThis is a place holding musical history with the likes of Madness, Travis, Blur and The Arctic Monkeys gracing its stage in the past. The average sized venue has plenty of audience floor space, just enough room on stage for several band members, and ample of freedom at the long bar to order a drink. Tonight’s long running event of ‘Bugbear Booking Presents’ features four bands of varied genre and style, with Brighton Indie band Twin Brother up second on the bill. The young band is predominantly the solo project of 20-year old lead singer and guitarist Alex Wells, though on stage he is backed by a bassist, drummer and fellow guitarist to perform a fuller sound as a four piece. Wells stands centre stage with cropped dark hair fronting a black chequered shirt, as the band wastes no time kicking straight into their set. A clapping beat and an opening guitar riff closely resembling The Strokes‘ ‘Last Night’ initiates the first song ‘Lungs’. It’s a perfect show starter with wallowing verses and a chorus of ‘shed your skin’ sung by Wells with full passion, making for a hook so catchy it will stay planted in your head all evening. As the ending guitar chords strike it’s certain the band have started on a high with this stand out hit. The crowd of around twenty or so members clap approvingly for a band that could potentially command at least five times as many bystanders under their sound. The mood is slowed down by the sombre ‘Backseat Routine’ as Wells proclaims ‘all my friends are sat around me’, accompanied by the tinkering of a melancholic guitar. With this well written song Wells manages to prove he has more in common with Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys than just sharing the same name as the Indie band front man. His resonating vocals patched over the band’s crafty knack for guitar chords beckons your attention towards stage.
Backseat Routine

Next up is a song written from the viewpoint of a troubled victim in ‘Fool You’,  which strums along nicely with Wells pouring his heart out every strong note. ‘Television’ is another intricately penned track followed by crashing symbols of the impressive ‘Nothing Stays’, the last song of a twenty minute set that leaves us wanting more. Influences of Interpol can be heard in the more solemn drones of the down tempo tracks while hints of The Rakes can be recognised in the energetic chugging guitar moments. Oozing with natural charisma on stage, Wells’ performance remains haunting yet captivating throughout. Sound-wise the band are hard to fault, though visually they require a more commanding stage presence in order to be seriously taken to that next level. Understandably as a developing band the members are also somewhat lacking in a personal connection between each other. With many more gigs being lined up for the near future these aspects are sure to be developed with practice on a variety of stages in front of a range of audiences. With Wells’ unique vocals and talent for song writing leading Twin Brother‘s progress, this is a band who can aim for the heights of sitting comfortably on an XFM playlist and featuring in future issues of NME. The band are currently offering their self-produced second album ‘Actors & Liars’ to fans straight after they finish on stage, so make sure you grab one whilst there are copies still available. Twin Brother follow up this promising start to the year with a support slot for fellow Brighton band Munich at 93 Feet East on Thursday 17th February.

The Twin Brother YouTube videos do well to hone in on Alex Wells’ mood crafting abilities:
Fool You

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