The Beaux Saunders Buzz Is Growing

Beaux Saunders


You know that feeling when you hear a song for the first time and it hits you like BAM! You then have to hear the song again, and again, and again. It has you hooked. ‘Tied Down’ had that very same effect on me when I first heard it. I’d come home from a weekend away in Bath, was catching up on the latest Beaux Saunders news, and out from SoundCloud comes this song I mistakenly hadn’t taken note of before. No song could have complimented the sunny Sunday afternoon better, with its positive, bobbing piano and guitar melodies, intertwined by Beaux’s charmingly warm vocals. The production is absolutely perfect with the backing vocals and quirky noises encapsulating the unique enchantment of the Beaux Saunders sound. Currently the young singer/songwriter’s most played SoundCloud track at 475 plays, this figure will increase much higher over the year as new fans grasped from the gigging circuit (and myself) keep reaching for that play button. Enjoy.

  Tied Down by BeauxSaunders

NMU first wrote about Beaux Saunders after seeing her live back in December. Since then she has had several successful shows at The Troubadour, the Jack Wills’ Summer Polo Event and the prestigious Ronnie Scott’s of which I attended. Beaux Saunders fans were an abundance and it was obvious who the main attraction of the night was. Her refreshing style and backing band arrangement had impressively enhanced her set with a fuller, richer sound. The 30/40 person strong crowd embraced her repertoire with cheers and hollering, whilst refusing to let her leave without an encore. Beaux’s track ‘Ain’t That Beautiful’ was a definite highlight and is an ideal choice of a debut single should she release one in the near future. Watch below a feature on Balcony TV where Beaux and her band give a delightful acoustic rendition of the track.

Beaux Saunders has a gig at Union Chapel on Friday night supporting 60’s icon Melanie, which is guaranteed to be a stand out performance of her career so far, in the wonderful church venue that has been graced by countless music stars in the past. In terms of intimate venues, it doesn’t get any greater than this. For an enjoyable night out, grab your tickets here. More Beaux Saunders gigs are to be announced soon enough so keep locked on to the Beaux Saunders buzz!


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