London Girl Goes To The Grammys

…And we don’t mean Adele. Adele’s now recognisably warm seat at the Grammys may have been a sure-fire guarentee as the current Brit that shifts the most albums – by the shed-load as she still sits comfortably in the top 40 with second album ’21’ rising back up eleven places on the chart to this week’s number 22. Just when you thought her time was finally up, almost two years and two months after its first release in the UK Adele’s now legendary sales records have made her a British export in her own right with two multi-platinum albums and a 2013 Grammy to boot. But then you probably already knew all that, or bored to tears of hearing it anyway. 

Step up Beaux Saunders. This little known Jazzy Popper who first caught our attention at an intimate London gig in 2010 (golden-treasure-discovered-at-bottom-of.html) is now blossoming into a pop starlet to be reckoned with. Truly proving that social media has greatly expanded the chances for opportunity, Beaux’s manager (Idle Management) stumbled across American producer Daniel Snyder on twitter and asked him whether he had any music in the range of ‘pop with elements of country and gospel’. An exchange of emails later and out pops big, perky soul belter ‘Ain’t That Beautiful‘. A few other muscial gems in between and Snyder submits the first track to the Akon-assisted Hitlab Emerging Artist Competition in November 2012. Coming from a website that predicts a song’s hit potential it compares different variables with songs that have been hits in the past, Beaux’s ‘Aint That Beautiful’ got a whopping 95%. An appealing verdict for a song gets 70%. Although any kind of technology that predicts a song’s commercial ability sounds quite far-fetched to most, it obviously worked out for Beaux as she shot straight into the top ten finalists after a tough judging process. A final round of world-wide voting from Beaux’s dedicated and new fanbase was just what this 22 year old West London girl needed to place her in third place and take her to the biggest music awards show in the world, The Grammys 2013 in Los Angeles, USA on the 10th February. After this whirlwind experience of glitz and glamour that most singer-songwriters can only dream of which included a performance of her own at Grammys week, we caught up with Beaux to find out all the gossip!

How are you feeling after the Grammys experience?!

Overwhelmed to be honest. The experience as a whole was surreal.

We’re not surprised, what an incredible opportunity. What was your biggest highlight? (There must have been a few!) 
Indeed there were a few. Walking the red carpet was a real insight into how celebrity's operate and just how hectic it is on a minute to minute basis. Also going to Bruce Springsteen's party and having him metres away was insane!

We would have loved to have been at that party. Which music stars did you get to see/meet? 
Well Bruce Springsteen, Taylor swift, Mumford & Sons, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Katy Perry to name a few!

Wow, who knew you would be in such company weeks before! What was it like meeting Akon? 
I was terrified going into the studio but once I was in there it was cool. I just kept telling myself that he's a normal guy and he was once starting out like I am now.

Sounds like the best way to deal with it. What are you working on now that you're back on home turf in London?  
Pretty much have been in the studio everyday since I've been back! Have been working on new material as I got so much inspiration from being in LA.

We're sure that LA inspiration will last a long time, can't wait to hear it. What can we expect from your new music? 
It's pop mainly but there's country, jazz and gospel in there. That sounds MAD but I promise you it works.

Sounds exciting to us! Who and what inspires you when writing and performing your own music?  
In songwriting everything is inspiring from a jingle you hear on an advert to heavy metal. But if I had to choose I would turn to Carol king for good old great songwriting, Fleetwood Mac for being just well the best band of all time, Joni Mitchell if I'm down in the dumps, Hall & Oates/Mayer Hawthorne/Paul Simon if I'm feeling up and Counting Crows if I fancy some light country music.

Can't hear any heavy metal influences shining through just yet! When did you start taking music seriously as a career? 
It took me a long time to realise that I could do what I love and that could be my job, it didn't seem real but properly about 2 years ago when I got management. I could never manage myself, I'd be useless!

Sounds like you must have some good backing behind you. What is the greatest achievement you hope to achieve in your career?  
Aha I was discussing this today in the studio. Hearing my song on Eastenders. That's the actual truth!

Now that's a moment we would love to come true for you, we're sure you'll have it on record if it happens. Any idea when we can expect your next shows and new music? 
I've got all new songs, so the live set is dramatically different and the new music...I'm not even sure - I'm so busy. Watch this space!

Can't wait! Thank you for taking the time out of the studio to speak to us Beaux, good luck with the recording and we'll be ready to freak out when we hear the new material. Let's have a listen to that infectious song that got her there again, 'Ain't That Beautiful'...


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