Adventures Of The Australian Festival Scene

As UK festivals start promoting the hell out of their annual wild, summer weekends over social media with witty meme graphics and the constant bombardment of ‘Tickets almost sold out! Get yours now (or we’ll tell you to again in an hour anyway)’, the Australian festival season is sadly coming to a close. Alas, the reverse of seasons to this side of the world means Autumn has arrived outside my Melbourne city-view window with grey, rainy days, as the number of festivals plastering their brightly coloured posters around the city dwindles.
Since I arrived in this beautiful country back in November with wide-eyed ambitions of music work experience I have been lucky to attend a surprisingly impressive total of six music festivals (StereosonicFalls FestivalLanewaySt Kilda FestivalSoundwaveGroovin The Moo) for work and one for pleasure, Future Music Festival. Big Day Out narrowly misses out on that first list by an hour as I get screwed over by a food van company I was working for, ‘Running On Empty’ if you’re asking, but that’s another story. And by the way, this wasn’t any glamorous backstage work giving Placebo their ‘raspberries, flowers and incense sticks’ (genuine rider request list I found backstage), but cleaning, wrist banding and volunteering, that kind of stuff. And so to the point of this article, to provide an insight to the Australian festivals that IKE’s audience may one day wish to attend or have already been able to enjoy themselves.   
To read the rest of this article and my reviews of Laneway Festival and Soundwave, head to:


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